Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) are brand-name medications that have been approved by regulatory agencies, such as the FDA or EMA, and serve as the benchmark for evaluating the safety, efficacy, and quality of generic or biosimilar products. They play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in the development and approval of generic drugs and biosimilars.

Role of RLDs in Clinical Trials:
In order to market a generic drug or biosimilar, manufacturers must conduct a head-to-head comparison, known as a comparability exercise, between their product and the corresponding RLD. This process focuses on:

Regulatory approval for a generic drug or biosimilar can only be obtained by demonstrating bioequivalence to the designated RLD. By designating a single RLD as the standard, regulatory authorities aim to ensure consistency among generic products and their brand-name counterparts. This consistency is crucial for:

Challenges in Sourcing RLDs:
Sourcing RLDs can be a complex challenge for pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial sponsors. RLDs are often subject to restricted distribution programs, making them difficult to obtain in the quantities and timeframes required for clinical trials and analytical purposes. Additionally, RLDs may have specific storage and handling requirements, such as:

Solutions for Sourcing RLDs:
To overcome these challenges, pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial sponsors often rely on specialized RLD sourcing companies, such as Ikris Pharma International. IPI provide:

Regulatory Compliance:
In addition to sourcing RLDs, pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial sponsors must also ensure that they comply with all relevant regulatory requirements for the procurement and use of RLDs. This includes:

Future Outlook:
The global generics drug market is anticipated to grow significantly in the coming years, driven by factors such as:

As a result, the demand for RLDs is expected to continue to rise, making it increasingly important for pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial sponsors to have reliable access to these critical reference products.

Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) are essential for the development and approval of generic drugs and biosimilars, as well as for ensuring the consistency and quality of medications in the pharmaceutical industry. While sourcing RLDs can be a complex challenge, specialized sourcing companies and adherence to regulatory requirements can help ensure a reliable supply and successful clinical trials. As the global generics drug market continues to grow, the importance of RLDs will only become more pronounced, making it crucial for pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial sponsors to prioritize RLD sourcing and compliance.


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