Clinical Trial Sourcing/ Comparator Drugs Sourcing

Clinical trial sourcing is a crucial component in the successful execution of clinical studies. It involves the procurement, management, and distribution of all materials necessary for conducting clinical trials, including comparator drugs, reference-listed drugs (RLDs), placebos, and ancillary supplies. Effective clinical trial sourcing ensures that these materials are available in the right quantities, at the right time, and comply with all regulatory standards. This process is essential for maintaining the integrity and validity of clinical trials, which ultimately leads to the development of safe and effective medical treatments.

What is Ikris Pharma International's (IPI) Clinical Trial Sourcing?

IPI is a leading provider of clinical trial sourcing solutions, known for its reliability and adherence to stringent quality standards. IPI’s Clinical Trial Sourcing service is designed to support pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and research organizations in the efficient and compliant execution of their clinical studies. IPI specializes in sourcing and supplying a wide range of clinical trial materials, including comparator drugs, reference-listed drugs (RLDs), and other critical supplies.

The company’s comprehensive approach to clinical trial sourcing involves meticulous planning, strategic sourcing, and robust logistical support to ensure timely and accurate delivery of materials. IPI’s expertise in navigating the complex regulatory landscapes of different countries ensures that all sourced materials meet the necessary compliance requirements, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the clinical trials they support.

How Ikris Pharma International Facilitates Comparator Drugs/RLD Supply?

One of the core aspects of Ikris Pharma International’s Clinical Trial Sourcing service is the facilitation of comparator drugs and reference listed drugs (RLD) supply. Comparator drugs are used in clinical trials to compare the efficacy and safety of a new treatment against an existing standard treatment. RLDs, on the other hand, are used as a benchmark for the bioequivalence studies of generic drugs.

IPI’s process of comparator drugs sourcing and RLDs sourcing includes the following key steps:

Countries from Which IPI Sources Clinical Trial Materials

IPI sources clinical trial materials from a diverse range of countries, ensuring access to high-quality products from reputable suppliers worldwide. Some of the key countries from which IPI sources its clinical trial materials include:

State-of-the-Art Warehouse Facility:

With warehouse facilities in Belgium and Bulgaria, we can rapidly move products around the globe. From the initial procurement to the final delivery of products to our customers, IPI adheres to a stringent set of global Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and industry guidelines, ensuring that every step of the process meets the highest quality standards.

By sourcing materials from these and other countries, Ikris Pharma International (IPI) ensures a steady supply of high-quality, compliant clinical trial materials to support the successful execution of clinical studies worldwide.

Partner with us for your clinical trial sourcing requirements. We provide high-quality comparator drugs, reference-listed drugs (RLDs), APIs, and ancillary supplies. Our global network, stringent quality control, and regulatory compliance ensure timely and reliable delivery, supporting the seamless execution of your clinical trials.


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