Worldwide Network

Ikris Pharma International (IPI) has established a strong network of 200+ globally validated suppliers in the EU, USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, Korea, Malaysia and Latin America and various other markets for direct sourcing and procurement of pharmaceutical products, as well as support for R&D projects.

Rapid Response Time

Serving customers is IPI's top priority. Treatment delays impact patients' lives. Delays in R&D studies impact future product development and patients. IPI takes pride in adhering to strict deadlines by strengthening supply chains to meet customer demands, ultimately benefiting patients' lives.

Compliance with GDP Guidelines

Ikris Pharma International (IPI), has its own EU-GDP certified warehouse in Belgium, operates in accordance with EU SOPs and GDP guidelines, ensuring precise execution in all aspects of pharmaceutical operations. You can rely on us for consistent excellence and trust in industry standards.

Speciality in Cold Chain Shipment

IPI specializes in end-to-end cold chain shipments, safeguarding medicine integrity and authenticity through strong global networks adhering to EU-SOPs and regulations. Unmatched at transporting delicate cargo. IPI provides transparency, keeping customers informed throughout the drug traceability process.

Ikris Pharma International (IPI) brings together expertise and excellence in three key areas:

RLDs and Clinical Trial Sourcing: Specialized in RLDs clinical trial sourcing, IPI facilitates the procurement of pharmaceuticals for BA/BE studies and R&D activities efficiently, contributing to advancements in medical science with precision and reliability.
Named Patient Program (NPP): IPI's Named Patient Program ensures rapid and easy access to unregistered medicines to their home country for individual patients, addressing unique healthcare needs with compassion and efficiency.
Pharmaceutical Exporter: IPI is a reputable pharmaceutical exporter that follows global quality standards. Our dedication to regulatory compliance and transparent business practices establishes us as a dependable international healthcare partner.
Choose IPI for cross-functional expertise that delivers impactful solutions in RLD and CT sourcing, Named Patient Programs, and Pharmaceutical Exports.

Name Patient Managment

The term “Managed Access Program” refers to authorized programs allowing patient access to hard-to-access medicines unavailable in their native country.

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Clinical Trials Sourcing

A Reference Listed Drug (RLD) is an approved drug product to which new generic versions are compared to show that they are bioequivalent.

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Pharmacutical Exporter

We are a globally recognized pharmaceutical wholesaler and service provider specializing in quality medicines. Our world-class facilities....

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Ikris Pharma International

Ikris Pharma International is a global service provider offering accessibility to a wide range of pharmaceutical products to the patients, distributors and healthcare sector. We are amongst the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Belgium having a wide network to supply specialty medicines across the globe under compliant regulations. As a distributor of pharmaceuticals our highest priority is to maintain high quality standards throughout the supply chain. Our processes and procedures are executed under the EU guidelines on Good Distribution Practices of medicinal products for the human use. Besides that, providing consistent customer services and maintaining client anonymity are amongst our other top priorities. By securing medicines through authentic sources, we contribute to the safety and reliability for the patients needing such medicines.

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