About Ikris Pharma International

Ikris Pharma International is a global service provider offering accessibility to a wide range of pharmaceutical products to the patients, distributors and healthcare sector. We are amongst the leading specialty pharmaceutical wholesalers and global supplier in Belgium having a wide network to supply specialty medicines across the globe under compliant regulations. As a pharmaceuticals exporter our highest priority is to maintain high quality standards throughout the supply chain. Our processes and procedures are executed under the EU guidelines on Good Distribution Practices of medicinal products for the human use. Besides that, providing consistent customer services and maintaining client anonymity are amongst our other top priorities. By securing medicines through authentic and validated global sourcing, we contribute to the safety and reliability for the patients needing such medicines.

Transforming lives through Networking

Ikris Vision

Every patient is a unique story, a distinct journey towards health and wellness. We take pride in being a part of these journeys, providing the right medication at the right time. By providing medicines, we help patients reclaim their health, regain their strength, and resume their dreams. Our role transcends beyond merely dispensing medicines, its about instilling hope, fostering resilience, and making a real difference.

Ikris Mission

Our Mission is to provide patients, healthcare personnel within a country an independent global network, future products and services to satisfy unmet medical needs where current treatment is either unavailable or exhausted all other options


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