Access to crucial medications can be a significant challenge for patients, especially when dealing with rare or complex diseases. The Named Patient Program (NPP) is a vital solution for patients who need access to unlicensed or unapproved drugs that are not available in their home country. This program enables patients to receive essential treatments that can potentially save their lives or improve their quality of life.

Understanding the Named Patient Program (NPP):
A Named Patient Program (NPP), also known as a Managed Access Program (MAP), is a compassionate use program that allows patients to access certain medications that are not yet approved or available in their country. These programs are typically facilitated by pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, or specialized providers. Patients can request access to specific drugs through their healthcare providers, and if approved, the medication is provided on a case-by-case basis, often under strict monitoring and regulatory oversight. Named Patient Programs (NPPs) serve as a bridge for patients who urgently need treatment options that are not yet widely accessible through traditional channels.

Role of a Managed Access Program Supplier: Ikris Pharma International (IPI)
As a Managed Access Program Supplier, Ikris Pharma International (IPI) plays a vital role in providing patients with essential medications that may not be available locally. With IPI, patients can trust they’ll receive the medications they need, even if they’re unlicensed or unapproved in their home countries.
We work closely with healthcare providers, regulatory authorities, and pharmaceutical companies to ensure that the medications are imported and delivered safely and efficiently. We also provide essential support to healthcare providers, helping them navigate the complexities of importing and administering these medications. Here’s how we help:

Why Access to Unlicensed or Unapproved Drugs Matters:
Access to unlicensed or unapproved drugs through programs like the NPP can be life-saving for patients with limited treatment options. For many rare or complex diseases, standard treatments may not be effective or available. The NPP provides an avenue for patients to access cutting-edge therapies that could significantly improve their prognosis.

Moreover, the program ensures that patients receive medications that are not yet widely available but have shown promise in clinical trials or have been approved in other countries. This access can make a significant difference in the lives of patients and their families, offering new hope and opportunities for better health outcomes.

Why Choose IPI?
Ikris Pharma International’s commitment to patient care and our expertise as a managed access program supplier make them a trusted partner in the healthcare industry. Our Named Patient Import Program not only provides access to unlicensed or unapproved drugs but also offers hope to patients who otherwise might have limited treatment options.

The Named Patient Program (NPP) or Managed Access Program (MAP) is an essential lifeline for patients who need access to unlicensed or unapproved drugs. With this program, patients can obtain critical medications that are not available in their home country. This program plays a vital role in ensuring that all patients have the opportunity to receive the best possible care, regardless of regulatory approvals in their region. Access to these medications can be transformative, providing new treatment options and hope for those facing challenging health conditions.

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