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Biosimilars: Similars of Biologics

Biologics: Medications made living organisms Biologics medicine includes medicines from living organisms, including animal cells and living organisms, like yeast and bacteria. That makes biologics different from conventional medications commonly made from chemicals. Unlike conventional medications, biologics cannot be made by following a chemical “recipe.” Because biologics generally come from living organisms. Thus, developing biologics can be more complicated than manufacturing conventional drugs.

A biosimilar is a biologic that is primarily similar to and has no clinical differences from another biologic already FDA-approved (referred to as the reference product or original biologic). This means biosimilars:

  • Are administered the same way as biologics.
  • Have the same strength and dosage form.
  • Have the same potential side effects.

Biosimilar products provide the same treatment benefits as the biologic and are generally made with the exact types of natural sources as the reference drug.

What is a biosimilar?

A biosimilar or biosimilar medicine is a similar copy of a biologic medicine in the context of function and structure. A biologic, or biologic drug, is a medicine made in a living ecosystem, such as yeast, bacteria, or animal cells. The U.S. FDA has approved biosimilar medicine to treat conditions like cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and more.

Biosimilar drugs are as safe and effective as the original biologic; the FDA rigorously and thoroughly evaluates both prior to approval. FDA experts should conclude it is highly similar to and has not many clinical differences from the original biologic before approving any biosimilar. The FDA’s thorough evaluation ensures that all biosimilar products are as safe and effective as their reference drugs and meet the FDA’s high standards for approval. This means you can anticipate the same safety and effectiveness from the biosimilar throughout treatment as you would from the original product.

Ikris: Certified suppliers of Biosimilars and Biologics

Ikris Pharma International is a certified single-stop platform for all your needs for Biologics and Biosimilars. We specialize in sourcing Biologics and innovator drugs from across the globe, including India, the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, and Latin America. Our globally established supplier network enables us to procure, store (according to the specification of the product), and supply the products from all the major pharmaceutical manufacturers and authorized distribution channels to and from any locations across the world, specific products or product sets in a bit huge volumes. We only deal with approved sources and validated supply chains. We have partnered with the finest logistics and courier partners, enabling us to efficiently get your reference-listed drugs to you on or ahead of time.

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  • Managed Access Program We develop ethical and regulatory compliant strategic solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies enabling a fast and efficient response...
  • RLD Sourcing Specialized in sourcing branded Innovator Samples/Reference Listed Drugs (RLD) from single/multiple batches...
  • Clinical Trial Materials Supply Sourcing and supply of commercial medicines/comparators for clinical trials study across all therapeutic areas...
  • Good Distribution Practices Good Distribution Practices of medicines are designed to allow that a high level of quality is maintained throughout the drug distribution network....

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